Revitalization of The cultural –Historical Axis of Isfahan (From Jamee Mosque to Hezar Jarib Garden)

The cultural and historical axis of Isfahan in fact acts as the core of the city.
This axis begins from the Jamee mosque and Kohneh Square (old square), which forms the Seljukian city center and runs up to the location of Bagh-e-Hezar Jarib of Safavid period, in place of which today’s Isfahan University stands.
This axis passes across Bazar, the complex of Naqsh-e-Jahan Square,City’s heart in Safavid period, and Char Bagh.
The historical axis that has evolved during a period of more than 1000 years has always acted as the main structure of the city and comprises examples of architecture and urban planning of all different periods of Isfahan history.
The new urban plan of the city ensures the identity, internal congruity, homogeneity and functional efficiency of this axis in compliance with Isfahan’s architecture and urban values and will serve as Isfahan’s main structure in the future.
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