Revitalization of the Cultural-Historical Zone of Shiraz (350 Hectares)

The historical –cultural zone of Shiraz conforms to the old boundary of the city as existed in Zandie époque and actually these two represent the same area. From its outset till now, Shiraz has gradually regenerated within this boundary; therefore this historical zone represents culture and history of the past.
The most important design guideline was to vitalize this unique urban zone in a way that not only reflect the historical magnificent values but also enhance them via generating new advantages in the district and eventually convert the site to a modern environment of high quality congruent to its original historic identity.

The most important design objective has been to improve the economic-social closed system of the district and to increase its input-output relationship with the other districts of Shiraz.
The design configuration is based on fluidity and coherency of the district’s main, which extends along the access road from Shiraz to Estakhr. The revitalization of the city’s old rampart’s site as an active and modern urban segment, especially according to its role among the gates of the old city, and eventually renovation and revitalization of the residential areas of the zone are also considered as the main design features. The design focuses on enhancing the historic atmosphere and on the revitalization of the city’s main square in Zandie époque (Toopkhane’ square).

Therefore the automobile traffic is led under the ground level so as to achieve an uninterrupted urban landscape enclosing different elements around the square and to reconnect different fragments of Bazare-e-Vakil.
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